Top 8 Reasons

Top 8 Reasons Why the Mid-Atlantic is the Premier Solar Market

1. Highest solar carve out in the country:

With the passage of the Clean Energy Jobs Act in Maryland this spring, the new carve out is 14.5% or 600 MW per year through 2028.

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2. Home to the highest SREC trading price in the US: 

Washington D.C. SRECs are trading over $400/MWh, making for a hot rooftop solar market. Meanwhile Maryland's SRECs jumped over 500% to $50/MWh in 2019, and show no signs of decreasing.

via Energy Sage:
via Energy Sage:

3. Unprecedented demand in Virginia for solar energy:

The passage of SB 966 declared 5 GW of utility-scale solar in the public interest. Major corporations like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Microsoft want to power their Virginia data centers with local, solar energy.

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4. Emerging DG market in Virginia:

Dominion recently put out RFP for 500 MW of DG, meanwhile co-ops recently made PPAs legal for non jurisdictional customers and raised their net metering cap from 1% to 5% during the co-op's peak load. The co-ops can also transition to 9% by 2029.


5. A strong and growing local solar workforce:

Thanks to great organizations like GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic, Civic Works, and Power52, the local workforce is increasingly prepared to meet the demand for solar power in the Mid-Atlantic. In Virginia, the solar industry has leveraged nearly $1 million in public and private funding for SHINE VA, a program that trains workers in ground mount solar installation.

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6. Top politicians support solar:

Governor Hogan of Maryland has called for 100% clean energy and plans on introducing new legislation during the 2019-2020 legislative session. Governor Northam has advocated for solar, saying that “Solar energy is a rapidly growing segment of our economy, and I am proud that the Commonwealth is playing a role in driving this demand and taking advantage of the benefits that this resource provides.” And in DC, Mayor Bowser has a Clean Energy Plan and signed the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018 in January 2019, doubling the required amount of solar deployed in the district.

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7. Increasing development of community solar power:

Maryland's community solar program is hot - the first projects have been successfully constructed and there's more on the way. In 2019, the program was extended another three years. In Virginia, Dominion issued a community solar RFP in June 2019.

via Solar Energy World:
via Solar Energy World:

8. The Largest SEIA Affiliate Outside California:

MDV-SEIA is active each legislative session advancing bills to grow the solar industry; with offices in DC and VA, and lobbying firms serving the association in Annapolis and Richmond. MDV-SEIA advocates for 160+ solar companies in the region - representing over 10,000 solar workers.